Customer Testimonials

The following statements are from actual customers. Some statements have been slightly edited or paraphrased solely for reasons of clarity. If you would like to share a thought about our company, website, or products, please email us -

"Ken, first of all, you and the company you run, as far as i am concerned have more to offer the BMW community and E46 fanatics in the way of knowledge and specialty tools than most any other company. Secondly, in all the transactions I've had with you, you have done everything to satisfy my auto related questions and concerns. Lastly, the several products I've bought from you have all worked as well as you said they would, and in my opinion, were worth every penny i paid for them. When I'm looking for a special tool, i need only look to one place. There is a reason everyone speaks highly of [Bimmertools]. Thanks for all the help, past and future."

"Sometimes I can find comparable tools elsewhere... but only after you guys have had them for a while. Honestly, every time I surf your site, I find stuff I should have bought a long time ago. Not junk, either; high quality tools that I'm proud to add to my tool chest."

"Ken has been of the utmost help in selecting a range of tools to start my tool collection based around my budget. I will be purchasing from [bimmertools] shortly and have nothing but great things to say about Ken's kindness, service, and knowledge!"

"Despite a few "hiccups" with the new website, you are by far one of the best online vendors I have dealt with. You excel in trying to please the customer as well as provide clear (and polite) communication throughout the transaction! Very few in the business like you - I hope your business continues to flourish!

"Thanks for being such an exceptional vendor. It's hard to explain or put a price on being able to trust a vendor/supplier whom you've never met and choose to do business with online - in your case I have no hesitation recommending you to others or making purchases myself."

"Great customer service by the way I wouldn't have gotten any closer to figuring out the problem without your patience - I would have just been spinning my wheels."

"I really appreciate going the extra mile and making the phone call. It's getting more and more rare to see good customer service out there, and I'm very happy to give my business to someone who goes the extra mile."

"Thank you again for all your help. I will certainly consider you for any future purchases. Your speed and customer service have been second to none."

"Even though buying online has become commonplace, every once in a while I have an experience that surprises and impresses me. Dealing with Ken is one of them. I ordered the wrong part and didn't realize it. On a SUNDAY night at 10:00 PM, I get an email from Ken, asking me if I was sure that I wanted the part, as he felt that this was probably not what I needed, and in a way that didn't make me look like the dummy I was. I checked and he was right. Any guesses on who I will buy from next time. Very few people have a genuine customer focus but Ken is one of them. Can't recommend him enough.