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VANOS air adapter S50B32 Steering Column Ignition Lock Release Tool Timesert 10x1.5x24.5mm
VANOS air adapter S50B32
Our Price: $28.98
Timesert 10x1.5x24.5mm
Our Price: $29.95
For the S50B32 motor.
Used to release steering lock cylinder Timeserts for rethreading case.
VANOS compressed air fitting Extra Long Spark Plug Socket 14mm 12pt RIGID CHAIN TENSIONER - V8 ENGINES
For the M50, M52, M52TU, M54, M56 motors.
Extra long socket makes spark plug changes easier.
For M60, M62 V8 Engines
Sparkplug Socket 12 pt. 14mm Swivel Attachment Baum Tools VANOS air adapter S54 VIBRATION DAMPER HUB PULLER
VANOS air adapter S54
Our Price: $57.10
Swivel attachment makes spark plug changes easier for your turbo motor. For the S54 motor.
For M52TU, M54, M56 Engines
Magnetic Sparkplug Socket - 20.8mm, 13/16" Hazet Magnetic Sparkplug Socket - 17.5mm Hazet Crankshaft Counter Holder M60 M62
Thin wall socket from Hazet.
Special engines require special tools.
Rebuilding an 8 cylinder M series motor? You'll need this.
Timesert Kit 10x1.5mm
Our Price: $97.02
Our Price: $97.38
Our Price: $98.73
Timesert kit for rethreading case.
For 6 Cylinder Engines For 6 Cylinder Engines
Camshaft Gauge for the N55 Motor B114285 CRANKSHAFT COUNTER HOLDER 4 & 6 CYLINDER C-Clamp Press
Our Price: $112.50
C-Clamp Press
Our Price: $149.00
Add-on for the N55 motor timing kit.
4 & 6 Cylinder Engines Used for R&R with specific kits.
Front Wheel Bearing Hub Installer Baum Ball Joint Press Kit (Inner & Outer) Front Control Arm Bushing Mount Kit
Ensure a long and happy life for your new front wheel hub.
Ball joint press kit for E30, E36 and Z3
E30, E36, E46 professional tool, front control arm bushing (FCAB) removal/install kit.
VANOS Selenoid Activation Module S54/S62 Rear lower control arm bushing kit Baum VANOS Control Adapter and Cable
S54/S62 VANOS activation selenoid.
E87/90/92/93 & M3 Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing/Balljoint Remover and Installer Kit. VANOS control adapter and cable.
CASE DRILLING FIXTURE B90K Rear Wheel Bearing Kit from Baum Rear Sub-frame bushing removal/install kit
Use to install Timesert inserts Remove/install rear wheel bearings the right way with the B90K.
E53 X5 professional tool, rear sub-frame bushing removal/install kit.
Differential Mount Bushing Kit (front & rear) Rear Sub-frame bushing removal/install kit Transfer Case Bushing Tool Kit
E46/E85 professional tool, front and rear differential mount bushing removal/install kit.
E46/E85 professional tool, rear sub-frame bushing removal/install kit.
Must have tool for transfer case bushing R&R.